Swimming Pool Repair

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Motor Replacement

Replace the equivalent motor along with worn o-rings and seal assembly. We aim to quickly replace a motor to get the pool circulating again as quickly as possible. 

Filter Cartridge Replacement

Ensure clear water and optimal flow. Let our technician take care of the hassle of replacing your pool or spa filter cartridge for you.

New Filter Canisters

The most popular options include cartridge filters from Hayward and Pentair. These filters are easy to change and service.

New Pump Installs

Pumps eventually need to be replaced due to wear and heavy use over time. Our technician can install a new pump and optimize the PVC for better flow at the same time. Ask if an energy efficient variable speed pool pump is an optimal idea for your specific pool.

Heat Pump Installs

Heat pumps convert the heat in the air to heated water. This energy efficient technique is used extensively in South Florida.

And More!

Salt Cell Maintenance, Caretaker Systems, Automatic Suction Cleaners, Spa Controls, Auto-fills, PVC Re-plumbing

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